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We have new stock! Online ordering is now available. There are a handful of new products (including black rigs!). There are some changes that are not yet identified in the product descriptions. All changes are intended to be upgrades (except for one cost cutting change on the basic rig). I have a number of customers that are anxious to get orders, so I wanted to make sure that I could start shipping as a priority before updating photos and product descriptionsTo be clear, this is currently a one-man operation. I am getting a bit overwhelmed with orders and this has been compounded by attempts to add new products. I make shipping product immediately a priority and I hope to have...

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Flagship rig build instructions

General build tips Photos of flagship rig 2 * 40x160mm 130cm 51.2" (long base pieces) 2 * 40x160mm 50cm 19.7" (blue dot) 1 * 40x120mm 58cm 22.8" (wheel profile) 2 * 40x120mm 80cm 31.5" (yellow dot) 2 * 40x80mm 48cm 18.9" (red dot option 1) 2 * 40x80mm 58cm 22.8" (red dot option 2) 2 * 40x80mm 12cm 4.7" (wheel riser or pieces for flight sim, etc) 2 * 40x40mm 50cm 19.7" (green dot) 1 * 40x40mm 58cm 22.8" (optional piece) 1 * 40x40mm 48cm 18.9" (optional piece) 2 * 40x40mm 24cm 9.4" (holds wheel plate) General build instructions (use 16mm thread length M8 bolts and T-nuts for attachment unless otherwise noted): Note: the button head 25mm M8 bolts are used for...

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Build tips

It is helpful to sort all bolts and t-nuts. Note, there are two sizes of T-nuts. Most have an 8mm thread. A small number have 6mm thread which can be used for connecting pedals and other accessories. Washers are not recommended other than when screwing into black parts. Note, the washers do not work in the slotted sections of the black parts. Start by loosely assembling. Go back and tighten later. Try to identify all the slots that need T-nuts before connecting parts. If you miss a slot, the t-nut can be rotated in, but it takes a bit of practice. Be careful when sliding metal on metal - it can scratch the surface. Move the t-nuts to the place...

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Threading M8 holes on wheel deck

Directions on threading the holes on the wheel deck for the Plus version of the rig. You will need an M8 tap, tap wrench, and lubricant. M8 1.25 Tap Tap Wrench Handle Directions: Install tap in handleSpray on or dip tap in lubricantBegin threading in (Make sure you are threading in straight)After Making a couple turns, back off a small amount and then continueHalf way through, remove the tap and spray the chips off with lubricantReinsert and continue until you have reached the end of the tap NOTE: Do not apply too much pressure. If there is a ton of pressure back out a bit or add lubricant. You do not want the tap to break off. Here is a quick...

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Letter to customers about stock and deals!

Dear customers,I want to say, THANK YOU! I have been overwhelmed by the encouragement and support for my new business. I have had tons of positive feedback and every customer has been awesome and zero requests for returns. I have to admit, I had been overwhelmed by the first batch of sales. The stock that I had planned on having for months sold out almost immediately. I had hoped to be able to maintain continuous stock, but it does not look like it will be reality for the foreseeable future. As most of you are aware, there are massive disruptions in supply chains. I had planned to have new stock in early November, but it seems like each step brings a...

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