Do you accept returns? What if my shipment arrives damaged or missing parts?
We do not accept returns. The products are heavy and expensive to ship and difficult to repack. We strive to offer exceptional customer service, but we cannot offer the low prices and accept returns.
If there is a problem with your order (we will definitely make it right by offering replacement parts), but please be prepared for shipping time for these parts. In order to offer the best value, we do not ship anything overnight. Most replacement parts will be shipped via USPS (max 3 days) or ground.

Does your rig come with a shifter mount?
Yes, all rigs include a shifter mount bar. All rigs include a number of angled brackets with M8 and M6 holes that can be used for mounting wheels, pedals, and a shifter. In most cases, if your pedal has through-holes (Fanatec V3, etc) instead of threaded holes, you will have extra brackets available that you can use for a shifter. These brackets work with the Fanatec shifter; they can be made to work with the Thrustmaster with some effort. We also offer a generic 8-hole plate that works great with the Thurstmaster shifter.

Will the basic rig work with my Fanatec wheel?
Yes, the basic rig is plenty strong with the belt-drive Fanatec wheels. We do recommend the add-on mounting plate for Fanatec wheels. While the basic rig works great with DD wheels, we recommend the Plus or Flagship rigs as they are stronger and just a better match for that level of wheel.

Is a pedal plate included?
No, a pedal plate is not needed. The aluminum profile is stronger than most plates. For pedals with through-holes, you bolt directly into t-nuts in the profile. For pedals with threaded holes, you use 90 degree brackets (included) on the side of the profile and bolt through the bracket from the bottom.

How long does shipping take?
We generally ship two days a week. Monday and Thursday at a minimum. If you order the day before, most items will ship on the first shipping day. Orders ship from Washington state. They take 2-3 business days to arrive in California and 5 business days to most states east of the Mississippi.

Will you sponsor me team?
I am sorry, but we get a ton of requests to sponsor, and we are not in a position to do so at this time. We are focused on offering the lowest prices for the best product and minimizing marketing expenses. We try to avoid anything that deviates from these goals.

Do you offer accessories?
Yes, we have a number of accessories that are not listed but they must be part of our existing products.

Can you offer custom profile or custom design?
We can offer some profile in pre-determined lengths as an add-on to your order, but you would probably have to cut to length. You can also buy similar profile (40 series) from 8020.net in specific dimensions. We do not offer custom designs. If you are looking for a higher end rig, we have heard good things about "Carolina Sim Works". https://carolinasimworks.com/

Do you ship outside the USA?
We are too small (and overworked) to deal with international shipping at this time; in most cases you will be better served by dealing with a local seller. We are working on being able to ship to Canada.

Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories?
We can do so at actual USPS rates. Keep in mind, almost all products come in at least two boxes and shipping will generally be very expensive (more than $100).

Do you have rigs in black?
Not at this time time. We plan to in the future, but don't have an ETA. They will be more expensive than the standard rigs.

Are there other items you are planning to add?
We hope to offer a 4th monitor mount and a computer shelf; again no ETA yet.

Do you have more seats?
We have a number of seats that are too expensive to ship that we can offer to local (Seattle) customers (please ask). Otherwise, we currently offer what is available on the site and we generally don't have a huge selection. We try to offer the best value here.

What seats can I use?
Most seats can mount easily to our rigs. Generally, seats will come with sliding rails or fixed brackets and you bolt through with M8 bolts into t-nuts in the profile.

What seats do you recommend?
We think NRG branded seats are a good value. Sparco if you have the money (buy locally if you can). Racing or OEM car seats bought off craisglist are often the best value (leather Porsche seats would be my pick).

Do you offer build instructions?
We offer build instructions for the basic and Plus rigs and the triple stand. The Plus rig instructions are helpful with building the Flagship rig. The reason that we haven't invested in more instructions is that the intention is to constantly optimize the rigs as time goes on. Investing in instructions causes reluctance in making changes to the rigs. As time goes on, more instructions will be offered, but in the mean time, you are largely on your own. If you have questions about how to build, please ask on our Facebook group.