Vacation Downtime and Price Increases for RigMetal

I have scheduled a couple vacations this year and I will not be shipping during these times. I am currently planning for time off from April 7-19 and June 9-23. During these times, there will be no shipping. You will still be able to order, but it will take me a couple days to get through the backlog of orders once I return. If I make a mistake (infrequent occurrence) on a shipment that doesn't get resolved before I am leave, I will not be able to resolve it if it requires shipping and you would have to wait until I return. I ask for your patience and understanding.

In addition, we have been caught by the inflation wave. The price of aluminum has doubled since I started selling product about two years ago. In addition, shipping costs have basically doubled. I am going to need to increase pricing. I plan on doing so in two or three rounds so that I don't have a single large price increase. The first increase will go into effect in on the afternoon of Wed April 5th which is the last shipping day before I shut down for vacation. The second round will likely happen as soon as I return from vacation around April 19th. I really appreciate everyones' support and understanding.

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