Flagship rig build instructions

General build tips

Photos of flagship rig

  • 2 * 40x160mm 130cm 51.2" (long base pieces)
  • 2 * 40x160mm 50cm 19.7" (blue dot)
  • 1 * 40x120mm 58cm 22.8" (wheel profile)
  • 2 * 40x120mm 80cm 31.5" (yellow dot)
  • 2 * 40x80mm 48cm 18.9" (red dot option 1)
  • 2 * 40x80mm 58cm 22.8" (red dot option 2)
  • 2 * 40x80mm 12cm 4.7" (wheel riser or pieces for flight sim, etc)
  • 2 * 40x40mm 50cm 19.7" (green dot)
  • 1 * 40x40mm 58cm 22.8" (optional piece)
  • 1 * 40x40mm 48cm 18.9" (optional piece)
  • 2 * 40x40mm 24cm 9.4" (holds wheel plate)

General build instructions (use 16mm thread length M8 bolts and T-nuts for attachment unless otherwise noted):

Note: the button head 25mm M8 bolts are used for screwing into the threaded parts of the profile for the wheel and pedal profile pieces.

  • Start by laying out 40x160mm pieces
  • Connect 40x160mm pieces with 8 large gussets at top and bottom
  • Use the (green dot) piece to measure the distance between two (blue dot) cross pieces
  • (hard part) Attach large metal upright plates to upright profile (yellow dot) using 4 M6 countersink bolts and M6 t-nuts on each side. You will also use 3 * 20mm M8 bolts and t-nuts (not countersunk) at the top part of the plate
  • You can now slide 8 t-nuts into the bottom part of the rig and mount the uprights. When you can install with just 4 bolts (20mm) on each side temporarily until you find position. When sliding, be sure to loosen enough so that the plate does not slide on the profile and mark it up.
  • (To be continued later)...

When installing the the seat rails, you will need to break tabs off the gussets with a flat-head screwdriver.

Viewing the Photos of similarly constructed Plus rig should help with assembly.


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  • Matt

    Do you have a picture of the simucube mount on your plus or flagship rig?

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