Build tips

  • It is helpful to sort all bolts and t-nuts. Note, there are two sizes of T-nuts. Most have an 8mm thread. A small number have 6mm thread which can be used for connecting pedals and other accessories.
  • Washers are not recommended other than when screwing into black parts. Note, the washers do not work in the slotted sections of the black parts.
  • Start by loosely assembling. Go back and tighten later.
  • Try to identify all the slots that need T-nuts before connecting parts. If you miss a slot, the t-nut can be rotated in, but it takes a bit of practice.
  • Be careful when sliding metal on metal - it can scratch the surface.
  • Move the t-nuts to the place that they will be screwed in. Then use your all or screwdriver through the gusset into the t-nut and wiggle it around to line it up.
  • The black metal pieces can leave marks and the black anodization can rub off. Make sure you fully loosen the piece and spread pieces apart with a spreader or another person so that they don't rub when adjusting.
  • Test the bolt length before installing to make sure that it is not too long. If it is too long, you can do damage to the profile.


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