We have new stock! Online ordering is now available. There are a handful of new products (including black rigs!). There are some changes that are not yet identified in the product descriptions. All changes are intended to be upgrades (except for one cost cutting change on the basic rig). I have a number of customers that are anxious to get orders, so I wanted to make sure that I could start shipping as a priority before updating photos and product descriptions

To be clear, this is currently a one-man operation. I am getting a bit overwhelmed with orders and this has been compounded by attempts to add new products. I make shipping product immediately a priority and I hope to have all orders out within two business days.

Heads up: There may be small scratches and imperfections in the metal. Some products will arrive with oil (mostly on the bolts). I haven't had any customers complain, but please do be aware.

I am temporarily reducing the flat rate shipping to $20. The reason for this is I want to give a small token of appreciation to those who have been anxious to order. Thank you for your patience. Costs have been going up, so I may have to raise prices in the near future.

As always, I don't accept returns. If there is a mistake or problem with the order, I will make it right. The reason for the no return policy is that it takes a ton of time and expense. This business started as a hobby. I would rather lose orders to those that are indecisive than to lose time and money on accepting returns. Most importantly, it is really difficult to pack this stuff back up after it has been unboxed. Please make sure you are confident in your order before purchasing.

Some products that I will add in the near future:
- High end seats that sell as a set of two for $500 total - I cannot sell these individually; great if you have a friend to split an order with.

- Tray for computer.

- Foot rest plate for pedals

Stay tuned!

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