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Rig Metal Plus Sim Cockpit
Rig Metal Plus Sim Cockpit
Rig Metal Plus Sim Cockpit
Rig Metal Plus Sim Cockpit

Rig Metal Plus Sim Cockpit

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Note: BLACK is the default color. Be sure to select the correct color.  No pictures of the black model are available at this time.

This is our best value rig. it includes stronger wheel mounting, stronger gussets, wheel mounting plate, and a super riged pedal mount.

The pictures show additional parts that are included over our base model (wheel and pedal mount components). In addition, there are some upgrades to some of the hardware. 

Note: There are some updates to the new model that are not addressed in the assembly manual:

1. Instead of using 4040 for seat rails, 58cm of 4080 bars are include.  This is meant to be mounted perpendicularly to the frame.  It allows some flexibility on other configurations as well.
2. One of the three 500mm pieces of 4080 material is used for mounting a shifter.
3. In previous configurations, the shifter bar was mounted too high.  In this configuration, there are a couple sets of 240mm and 200mm 4040 material. You use one piece of one of these to support the shifter bar.  The remaining matching pair is used for the wheel deck. (You will end up with one piece of unused 4040 material that could be used for random accessory mounting purposes).

Assembly Manual 

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