Rig Metal Plus Sim Cockpit - Black
Rig Metal Plus Sim Cockpit - Black
Rig Metal Plus Sim Cockpit - Black
Rig Metal Plus Sim Cockpit - Black

Rig Metal Plus Sim Cockpit - Black

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Discounted bundle also available.

This is our best value rig. it includes stronger wheel mounting, stronger gussets, wheel mounting plate, and a super rigid pedal mount.

The pictures show additional parts that are included over our base model (wheel and pedal mount components). In addition, there are some upgrades to some of the hardware.

Base dimensions: 58cm * 135cm
Height: 68cm

Note: There has been some slight changes to the design that are not updated in the product images. Most of the changes are shown in the manual, however, one item is not.  The length of the shifter arm support is much shorter to address a more appropriate position. There are two sets of short 4040 pieces. Two pieces are used for the wheel mount and one piece is used for the shifter arm support (with one remaining). You can select the correct length for your use (longer arms on the pedal deck or longer length for higher shifter position). Please remember to refer back to this note after purchasing.

Assembly Manual

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Joseph Sale
Solid Construction

While I admit this took far longer to set up than I expected (especially with fine adjustments), it more than makes up for it with how extremely rigid it is. In a time when corners are cut and quality seems to be going down, the aluminum profile and moreover the custom mounting plates left me more than satisfied with my purchase.

Marcus Thomas
Great but.....

Started installing about two weeks after i received it. Instructions are unclear and pics had parts that didn't receive. Twp bars i needed were replaced with two doibles and I needed two singles per pics. Thing feels incredibly solid with no flex but haven't completed installing.


Great quality!!


Good product, 👍 👍 👍 everything I needed and more


Great value, the rig is solid and doesnt flex at all with my Alpha Mini. Hard to adjust once things are in place but that is normal for these type of frames.