RigMetal Basic Sim Cockpit - BLACK
RigMetal Basic Sim Cockpit - BLACK

RigMetal Basic Sim Cockpit - BLACK

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There has been a small cost-cutting revision to the most recent version. The price has been reduced and the lower cost option for the wheel mount has been added.  There are two of the 4040 bars are removed from the kit. You mount the seat directly to the crossbars. This reduces seat height by 4cm. Is also the option to eliminate the side rails on the pedal mount instead.  The wheel mount is a recommended option. The mounting bar for the shifter remains and it can also be used on the pedal mount. The assembly manual (linked below) shows more details.

Wheel Plate Included

The Rig Metal cockpit is simple and efficient. Designed to use the minimal amount of parts for the greatest stiffness possible. It is easy to assemble and looks great. There is no chassis that will deliver more stiffness and rigidity at this price point. Works great with direct drive wheels.

Includes additional structure for mounting shifter or mouse deck (not pictured).

Your wheel can be mounted with gussets, but we also have a new optional wheel mount plate that you can buy separately. 

* Note: Second image is for demonstration purposes only: wheel, seat, pedals, pedal tray, and baby not included

Base Dimensions: 58cm * 120cm
Height: 64cm

Assembly Manual for Basic Rig

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